I've been trying to transfer my BATs from my ledger to the exchange address, only to discover that I haven't enough coins in the ETH parent wallet to pay the gas ..

I had some ETHER until a couple of weeks ago but I withdrew them to the exchange and now I am over..

now.. I don't want to buy ether at the moment since it's so expensive and transactions are too..

today network fees are not so expensive, but I still have to buy ETH, transfer ecc ..


so, as a rule, is there another way pay gas other than through ethereum coins?

couldn't I be able to just pay in BATs??


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Currently Ethereum does not support using any other token as a gas currency except ETH.

Some custom wallets are working to support gas station network that would allow middleman to pay ETH on behalf of you. But in this case you end up paying the middleman the market rate of currency conversion.

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