I am trying to run the command such as

web3j solidity generate -b SimpleBank/SimpleBank.bin -a SimpleBank/SimpleBank.abi -o ~/IdeaProjects/quiknode/src/main/java/ -p com.simplebank

Found here: https://blog.quiknode.io/web3j-ethereum-for-java-developers/

However, the web3j says :

Unknown opitions: -b, ...

Version is 1.4.1

Also, their docs of wrappers forward to a 404 page. At this point, coding a wrapper by hand looks like the best option.

Edit: for the purpose of a code generating, I took the Java source-code for web3j/codegen and ran it against my own .abi and .bin files. However, since this post is about the command line interface, this is not the answer.

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This is happening because in the latest release of web3j-cli 1.4.1, the commands were rearranged and the solidity wrappers generator command is now under generate subcommand.

Run the following for it to work:

web3j generate solidity -b SimpleBank/SimpleBank.bin -a SimpleBank/SimpleBank.abi -o ~/IdeaProjects/quiknode/src/main/java/ -p com.simplebank

You can also check the other available generators using:

web3j generate help

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