I'm trying to pay back about 50 DAI and unlock 0.78 ETH but it keeps defaulting to 4 million gas limit (I usually see that amount as 300,000)...for a total of 0.82 ETH....I get the gas fees are high now but it says 0.82 for gas fee and 0.82 for amount + gas fee. So I have no idea whether this transaction will cost me $1300 to payback my 50 dai or is it including the ETH that I am unlocking?

is this including my locked eth

So this is a 2 part question

  1. What is the difference between Gas Fee and Amount + Gas Fee
  2. Why is it defaulting to such a high gas limit (I tried reducing it and it failed and ran out of gas). Seems ludicrous that I would pay $1300 for a transaction to pay back 50 Dai


  • 1. Amount is the amount of ETH that you're sending to the contract (here 0), and Gas fee is Gwei * GasLimit (205*4000000) = 820000000 Gwei = 0.82 ETH 2. No idea, but depending on the smart contract, gas costs can be high, can you send the address of the contract?
    – Adam Boudj
    Feb 3, 2021 at 21:38
  • Ok so I'm not misunderstanding this...if I was sending 0.1 eth and the cost to send was 0.02 then Gas would be 0.02 and Amount + Gas would be 0.12 -- As for sending the contract address I cannot as it links to financial info.
    – Omar
    Feb 4, 2021 at 14:28

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I'm new to metamask and receive(d) failed transactions as well, and also default not 21000 gas limit but like 200-300k which makes the fee around 50-80$. What I found, and like to share, is: Go to settings, general, advance, and there you can click on 'reset' and all previous transactions and history is gone (NOT your money). This seems to be helping for some. Sadly I have not found a way to send transaction atm - I'll share if I find a solution. My take-away: metamask sucks, Eth fees too high, time for change to BSC or Eth sidechains

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