I have spend a couple of days now trying to find a good source for the block rewards that will allow me to calculate block rewards and averages for the last 24h and since UTC0.

(I am aware of being able to query individual blocks via How to query the amount of mining reward from a certain block?, however I would kill that API, querying every block of the last 24 hours every time I run my script)

Does anyone know a good API / json file I can pull regularly to calculate those rewards, e.g. of all the blocks from the last 24 hours in one go and do the calc myself?

Been trying to manually reconstruct the block reward calculations in Google's public data set VIA bigquery-public-data.crypto_ethereum but its doing my head in. Or does anyone know the BigQuery SQL to calculate those rewards via the public data set? Not sure how if its possible via https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-ethereum-gateway/ there is not much documentation on it.

e.g. https://bitinfocharts.com/ethereum/ is a good starting point but their data is not updated frequently, wondering what their source is.

much appreciated

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