If an ETH wallet address was created upon the opening of a Binance or Coinbase account, is there anything in the address itself, or its activity, that can give clues as to whether it was in fact created on Binance or Coinbase (an exchange)? So that the tracer can approach that exchange and complain about that account's activity?

  • nothing in the address, these are completely random, otherwise they would be hackeable. Coinbase management accounts have been identified by Etherscan, so it is possible to know if an account has some relation to the exchange, but I don't think this info is public, most likely only experts who create databases know for sure if an account has transaction patters indicating its ownership to an exchange
    – Nulik
    Feb 2 at 23:00
  • how does Etherscan identify Coinbase addresses?
    – user610620
    Feb 3 at 0:48
  • 1
    no, Etherscan doesn't identify accounts created at Coinbase, Etherscan labels Coinbase's management accounts, and by relation with the User you can deduce that he has (probably) an account there
    – Nulik
    Feb 3 at 2:11
  • what are coinbase management accounts
    – user610620
    Feb 3 at 20:53
  • I don't know, but if you run a crawler on Etherscan it surely will pop up at some point. I have seen them there.
    – Nulik
    Feb 3 at 21:47

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