I have create a truffle project with this command:

truffle unbox react

I have looked at test/simplestorage.js and add a test:

contract("SimpleStorage", accounts => {
     it("my test", async () => {
         console.log(await web3.eth.getBalance(accounts[1]));

I can see test accounts are credited with 100 Ether. Is there a way to choose how much ether i can put in each account test ?



100 Ether is the default amount held by Ganache accounts.

You can change it :

  • If you use the Ganache desktop client, go to the parameter (in the right hand corner) > Accounts & Keys. Then change the account default balance field and click on the button save and restart.
  • If you use the command line client (ganache-cli) you can use the tag -e to change the default test accounts balance.
  • I am launching tests with "truffle test" command. This is not ganache, this is a javascript EVM. And i want to set this limit in my test scenario because this limit depends on the tests i want to do – Bob5421 Jan 31 at 10:34

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