I found this token that got airdropped on me a while ago, and I don't want it. It was valued at $18 or so.

I decided to sell it, but the exchange had a minimum amount, so I simply bought more so I could get sell the larger sum of the token.

When I tried to send trade back for ETH, the transaction failed. According to etherscan.io, it was a SafeMath: subtraction overflow

I did some digging, and tried to use the approve method to allow myself to spend more. No good, the same thing happened.

Then, somewhere I found that it might be the contract calling the method, not me. So I gave the contract an allowance.

No good.

This is quite frustrating, and I'm already down $40 in transaction fees. I just want this pain to end. How can I get this transfer method to just work?

Relevant txids (in chronological order):

First failure 0x6bd9dfaee6932d0cc145ba1c8ace1fa5c61fa1c15d7a0233a2242336d723f9ad
Trying to give myself an allowance 0x392fc312e517f2eca885a9c70fbb96b6934ac7932326ddb61aeed1bf437393b3
Second failure 0x2bbe31a3d6f383503e70c40b4ff2f851ca7d0d578e483d566f1a6c9ac1201510
Trying to give the contract an allowance 0xf8d5201c46dcc553bf671d71638a4b3ffaac53457afb093d29cb7ca4a5a54eb0
Third failure (hopefully the final one) 0x4f5d7111df2983970fffb915ca85a06667a0b245f85e7112c3117726841a6e7b

  • This error happens usually when ur transfer is bigger than ur balance
    – Majd TL
    Jan 31, 2021 at 9:02
  • you don't know why are you getting "Safe Math substraction overflow" ? Open the contract source and see it for your self, you are trying to send more tokens than you have. You sent 251996431978566 but you only have 251996431900000 . so there will be a negative balance of -78566 and the contract won't allow this!! Your greed is punishing you!
    – Nulik
    Jan 31, 2021 at 12:58
  • No, you got the numbers wrong. I sent 251996431900000, and I had a balance of 251996431978566. Try reading the balanceOf method using my address.
    – Expectator
    Jan 31, 2021 at 16:46

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I would suspect the token contract itself. There are a bunch of transactions with the same problem and, although this is no definitive indicator, some negative comments. Personally I don't think it is reasonable to continue to pour time into this.

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