Suppose a smart contracts settles a bet/transaction concerning a total value of 0.2*(the minimum Ethereum transaction fee).

Do there exist protocols/smart contracts that allow the transaction to be only processed by 2.0001*20%=40.0002% of the nodes/miners/transaction validators?

Assumption: I assume the 40.0002% ensures a majority attack on that particular transaction would be pointless.

  • 51% attack isn't affecting YOUR transactions. Your transactions will be processed on both forks, the chain of the attacker and the good chain (unless of course there is some exception like bad gas amount, or your transaction is using some temporal state which has changed by another TX). It is only the attacker's transaction that will steal money from the exchanges who exchange fund during the split, your transactions are going to pass through just fine. – Nulik Jan 31 at 3:32

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