A SE user suggested using https://gastoken.io to mint gas when fees are low in order to save on gas when fees are high. However, I'm wondering if there's any benefit of doing this today.

According to the GasToken Calculator if you mint gas when gas price is equal to 1 Gwei and free gas when gas price is equal to 50 Gwei (50 x) you'd get an approx. 300% reduction in the cost of gas. However, if the difference between minting time vs freeing time is less than 5x you're looking at a return of only 50%. When analyzing gas price over the past 1000 blocks it doesn't look like the fees ever fell even close to 5x to make the effort vs, reward worthwhile.

So my question is: Is this strategy still effective?

  • I believe you already answered yourself. Jan 27 at 18:19

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