I am using latest version "ipfs-http-client": "^48.2.2"

<form onSubmit={ async (event) => {
                        const postResponse = await ipfs.add(buffer) 
                        console.log("postResponse", postResponse);
                    } catch(e){
                        console.log("Error: ", e)
}} >

The buffer variable is in this format (from the console): Uint8Array(951674) [ 137, 80, 78, 71, 13, 10, 26, 10, 0, 0, … ]

I am getting TypeError: AbortController constructor: 'new' is required after pressing submit.

Other info:

  • using Ganache, VSCode, solc 0.8.0, web3 1.0+
  • this is a snippet from a react component

EDIT: I am not using AbortController anywhere in the code. The error does not provide line numbers from my code (if that makes sense)


This was fixed in an issue I opened.

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