Usually the registrant and controller are the same for .eth domains, meaning the same Ethereum address appears in both fields, so what does it mean when they are different?

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Finally, what or who is the Resolver?


Registrant: Address to which the domain is registered. Has overall control.

Controller: If not the registrant, then an address to which the registrant has delegated day-to-day control over the domain. (For example, a company could register a domain with a set of subdomains, and delegate each subdomain to a different controller in a different group in the company.)

Resolver: Address of the contract which resolves the .eth domain to the associated set of records (which among other things can include, e.g., a wallet address).

  • would the Controller also handle automated renewal of the domain?
    – user610620
    Jan 21 at 15:39
  • Good question. I was under the impression that anyone could renew the domain on behalf of the original registrant (meaning it would still remain registered to that registrant). This would allow a subdomain controller to ensure that their subdomain continues to exist even if the original registrant disappears/dies/etc. Jan 21 at 16:00
  • With regards to automation - I didn't think there was any. You can pay for the registration for years in advance, but once those years are up, you'd have to renew again. Jan 21 at 16:01
  • Okay, see Yearly Rent section here: medium.com/the-ethereum-name-service/… Jan 21 at 16:02
  • 1
    That's how it originally worked, yes. However, things changed (I think at the end of 2019, exactly for the reason you're getting at) meaning that you effectively now have to pay non-refundable rent. Jan 21 at 21:56

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