I was going through the tutorial from DappUniversity on Youtube when I stumbled across with my enum

pragma solidity ^0.6.0;

contract HotelRoom {
  address payable public owner; /*state variable, the payment is sent to this address*/
  enum Statuses { Vacant, Occupied };
  Statuses currentStatus;
  event Occupy(address _occupant, uint _value);
  constructor() public {
      owner = msg.sender; /*this is the address of the user who calls this function*/
       currentStatus = Statuses.Vacant;
    modifier onlyWhileVacant {
        require(currentStatus == Statuses.Vacant, "Currently occupied.");
    modifier costs (uint _amount) {
        require(msg.value >= _amount, "Not enough Ether provided.")
    receive() external payable onlyWhileVacant costs(2 ether) {
        currentStatus = Statuses.Occupied; 
      emit Occupy(msg.sender, msg.value);

and the error yields this

browser/mycontract14.sol:6:37: ParserError: Function, variable, struct or modifier declaration expected enum Statuses { Vacant, Occupied };

Like I said, this is not really my own code, I'm just following along a tutorial. And sorry if my format is messy, I'm new, but ambitious!

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There's a few small errors your code, but unfortunately the Solidity errors aren't very helpful in this case.

  1. After a function or enum declaration you can't use ;, so your enum should be:

    enum Statuses { Vacant, Occupied }
  2. You're missing a ; after the require in the costs modifier:

  3. You're missing a _; in the costs modifier. If you change it to the following, your code should compile.

    modifier costs (uint _amount) {
      require(msg.value >= _amount, "Not enough Ether provided.");

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