It would be useful to have a mapping of all of the protocols involved with the Ethereum implementations on to the OSI model (or equivalent). The protocols might include:

Whisper, devP2P, IPC, RPC, ABI, Wire, RLPx

This would help new users quickly get an understanding of the function of each protocol/application and assess what the options are (if any) within each layer.

How do the protocols used in the Ethereum implementation map onto the OSI model?

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| OSI Layer    | Ethereum Protocols |
| Application  | Kademlia, RPC, IPC |

| Presentation | AES, ECDSA         |

| Session      |                    |

| Transport    |                    |

| Network      |                    |

| Data Link    |                    |

| Physical     |                    |

Please note that there is always an ambiguity/argument about the exact mappings to OSI layer. Each protocol works/can work at different layers and cannot be exactly matched to an OSI layer. The OSI layer can sometimes make life easy but it should not be used as a reference for everything.

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