trying to keep it short and clean.

  • Create erc20 token with max supply.
  • Have "master" address with tokens for distribution periodic interest/rewards.
  • Automated distribution rewards 1st of the month. Rewards are periodic and vary per period (i.e. decreasing rewards over time).
  • Holding = average tokens that month

This is different than mining or staking as I want to create a custom reward plan that rewards holders of the token for simply holding.

example Year 2021, X% interest per month Year 2022, Y% interest per month Etc.

Is this possible? And if so, how?

Much appreciated!

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  • Maybe. The EVM has some limitations like how much gas a transaction can use. So a compromise has to be made when implementing contracts. Some of the ideas you mention are already implemented by other projects, like staking, rewards, etc. I'm afraid the question is too open ended for this site. – Ismael yesterday

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