I have read a lot of informations about ERC20 tokens.

What i want to know is : Does it exists some ERC20 tokens which works with another blockchain than Ethereum ?

Or ERC20 is a specific Ethereum only technology ?


  • This question is obviously not about Ethereum. – goodvibration Jan 13 at 18:27
  • ERC20 is a standard, any Ethereum based blockchain can use that standard, other blockchain has similar standard – Majd TL Jan 15 at 12:29

ERC-20 is specific to Ethereum. Other blockchains have similar token standards that are copy-paste or inspired by ERC-20.

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    I would add that ERC-20 is not just "specific" to Ethereum - it was built on Ethereum in November 2015. Its very name is an acronym for "Ethereum Request for Comments 20". – Paul Razvan Berg Jan 13 at 19:49

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