Question 1:

So, let's look at exchanges. Let's say I want to buy the token - OmiseGO (it's an ERC20) token.

I know that on the exchange, I can directly buy ERC20 token from someone like a trading option. But what about the following - does exchanges have the feature so that I can buy OmiseGO directly from the smart contract (without trading) ? This would work like that - I have some ether on the exchange. I type that I want to buy 2 OmiseGo and it just sends the ether from my account (with its gas limit and all that) to the contract and gives me 2 OmiseGo ?

Question 2:

After The above question, here is what comes to my interest. I read the following:

This fee is repaid in MKR. Each time someone pays off their debt the Maker tokens are purchased at market price and are burnt immediately resulting in less MKR tokens in circulation.

I hope you know how MakerDao works.

I am not sure the above sentence is always correct. If I buy Maker from the trading option, like someone is selling it and I buy it, in this case, the count of Maker tokens will decrease overally, but what If I buy the Maker from smart contract and that's how I pay the debt ? in that case, we won't have less MKR tokens in circulation, because what got destroyed was bought(born) by me.

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