Hundreds of coins and tokens are listed on coinmarketcap.com, but how can you tell which ones are Ethereum-based or Ethereum-dependent? Hundreds of them obviously are. Is it only through one's own knowledge of each and every individual project, or are there tell-tale signs or indicators lying somewhere on the website?

Furthermore, wouldn't all Polka dot projects be Ethereum-based?

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You can view ERC20 on etherscan. This will determine if a token is running on ETH, as it will be an ERC20 contract.


Not the best way by any stretch, but this should work if you don't have the contract address for a token:

Check on any DEX like Uniswap for Ethereum network. Most tokens that are legit have a liquidity pool set up.

If a token is on Binance Smart Chain the token might be on Sushiswap or Pancakeswap for example, or for Polygon network you can check Quickswap.


Any cryptocurrency other than ETH on Ethereum is a token. Any cryptocurrency which runs on his own platform is a coin.

  • "on Ethereum". you do realize the question is how to identify whether a token is on ethereum right
    – user610620
    Jan 15, 2021 at 19:42

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