I am unable to successfully "Buy" Ether from a faucet for Ropsten or from Kovan. Is it me or do most people have issues setting up a testnet using Ropsten and/or Kovan? Can anyone help me find a way to seamlessly process these faucets (or suggest an alternative)?

I receive this error message: {"error":"[ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC '{"value":{"code":-32000,"message":"replacement transaction underpriced"}}'"}

As I repeated my efforts, Ropsten's service reported a new message that my IP address has been "greylisted for 24 hours". Kovan reported a new message "Too many requests created from this IP/limit 5/hr".

I'm using a Brave/Remix/MetaMask chain.


That is, unfortunately, quite common nowadays.

Fortunately there are multiple faucets out there. One of the better working ones can be found at mycrypto.com, I've been told. They launched it a few months ago.

Another option, especially if you need a lot of Eth, is to simply start mining. This is valid at least in Ropsten, but unsure how the process works for non-PoW networks - it may not be so easy.

  • Thank you Lauri. I'll try mycrypto. Cheers. – James Han Jan 8 at 19:25

Update to all. I was finally able to get ETH and LINK tokens from the Kovan faucet by waiting out the time-imposed (6 +/- hour) restrictions on my account, and then resending the requests. I've given up on Robsten because it just doesn't seem to want to play.

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