I have created a 2/2 multisig wallet using the Gnosis Safe with one of the signer being a ledger hardware wallet.

I have done 2 tests:

  1. The ledger is the first to cosign, then the ledger screen will display a rather cryptic transaction hash and ask for validation

  2. The ledger is the last to sign, then it will ask me to validate the amount (incorrectly displayed, I wanted to transfer 0.2ETH and it was displaying 0) and the destination address (again, showing incorrect data and not the address I was sending my transaction to)

So either it shows (1) no relevant information regarding the transaction or (2) incorrect data - is this a known limitation using Gnosis Safe?


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Here's how to sign a transaction with ledger:


Here's how to confirm transaction with ledger (not pretty, but apparently doable):



I will quote the answer I got from the Gnosis team on their discord:

For 1 the web app requests to sign a message and ledger displays a hash of a hash of that message (this is a ledger ux issue). For 2 you are signing a contract interaction that triggers a transfer from your safe, therefore ledger will not display it. Ledger would only display it if you transfer funds from your ledger account.

Proper display of contract interactions are a shortcoming of ledger, it would require support for eip-712 from ledger to improve this to some extend, but this is out of our scope as it requires changes in the ledger firmware

I think most hw currently have similar limitations

Really bad news at it means HW are pretty much useless with Gnosis Safe


You can use Gnosis Safe through the website with Firefox, MetaMask, Ledger

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