I am compiling a contract from browser-solidity,but I am getting Error: Expected token Semicolon got 'RBrace' . The part of contract that throws error is:

contract owned {
address public owner;

function owned() {
    owner = msg.sender;

modifier onlyOwner {
    if (msg.sender != owner) throw;
} }

The surprising thing is same contract is deployed from Mist without any issue. So why browser solidity is throwing error.Is there a bug in solidity-compiler or something is not right with my contract?


You now need to add a semicolon after _, so your code should read _;.

From Solidity - Version 0.4.0:

Minimal changes to be made for upgrade:

  • Add payable to all functions that want to receive Ether (including the constructor and the fallback function).
  • Change _ to _; in modifiers.
  • Add version pragma to each file: pragma solidity ^0.4.0;

Breaking Changes:

  • Source files have to specify the compiler version they are compatible with using e.g. pragma solidity ^0.4.0; or pragma solidity >=0.4.0 <0.4.8;
  • Functions that want to receive Ether have to specify the new payable modifier (otherwise they throw).
  • Contracts that want to receive Ether with a plain "send" have to implement a fallback function with the payable modifier. Contracts now throw if no payable fallback function is defined and no function matches the signature.
  • Failing contract creation through "new" throws.
  • Division / modulus by zero throws.
  • Function call throws if target contract does not have code
  • Modifiers are required to contain _ (use if (false) _ as a workaround if needed).
  • Modifiers: return does not skip part in modifier after _.
  • Placeholder statement _ in modifier now requires explicit ;.
  • ecrecover now returns zero if the input is malformed (it previously returned garbage).
  • The constant keyword cannot be used for constructors or the fallback function.
  • Removed --interface (Solidity interface) output option
  • JSON AST: General cleanup, renamed many nodes to match their C++ names.
  • JSON output: srcmap-runtime renamed to srcmapRuntime.
  • Moved (and reworked) standard library contracts from inside the compiler to github.com/ethereum/solidity/std (import "std"; or import owned; do not work anymore).
  • Confusing and undocumented keyword after was removed.
  • New reserved words: abstract, hex, interface, payable, pure, static, view.

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