I made an account on Ether blockchain client long time ago and I lost my passphrase (actually it consists of two words which I probably know (not sure) and some additional numbers among this words that I forgot). But I have a keystore-file (UTC) and I know the external wallet adress (etherscan shows that ballance doesn't changed for 1200 days, which is good). How can I to recover my account? Maybe to brute force combinations offline, how can I do it?

I have some light knowledge in cryptography and can write a program in C/C++, maybe Python. But I don't know how to use data from UTC file and don't understand it's structure. It would be acceptable to make a program, and run it on the processor for a weeks.


Simplest way for bruteforce - install geth client and try to unlock account by RPC method personal_unlockAccount (or it web3 ор python analog): {"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"personal_unlockAccount","params":["account", "password", 10],"id":1} This can be done at a rate of approximately 1 attempt per second.

Or see in the source files of the geth - how the UTC-file is formed and develop you own decode tool.

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