I'm buying erc20 token how can I encrypt my transaction input data . I using Javascript WEB3.JS method Can you help me with this?

like this when try on check etherscan. Warning: Unable to decode input data Example:


Please explain with a practical example I have been searching this for about 3 days and I could not find a solution.


It is not possible since there's no encryption.

The first bytes in the data field are the function selector, ie 0xc48fdfca.

For known selectors like 0xa9059cbb (ERC20's transfer) Etherscan will decode the field.

Etherscan compute selectors mainly from registered contracts.

If you use an unregistered contract and the function wasn't used previously Etherscan won't be able to decode it.

  • etherscan.io/tx/… Check the input data available here exactly what I want and try to decode – Gökhan Özdemir Jan 4 at 8:20
  • @GökhanÖzdemir The signature 0xc48fdfca isn't present in the public databases 4byte.directory. Without the source code you will have to rever engineer the bytecode to understand the parameters and their purpose. – Ismael Jan 4 at 15:25

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