I'm looking for a wallet which can scan many ethereum addresses balance,(like electrum for bitcoin). I need to import 200 (or more) eth addresses and scan their balances include their tokens(if funded). I've already used electrum for bitcoin and now I want something like that for ethereum. It's appreciated if someone guide me? I'm even ready to pay someone who can write a code for this reason. A customised ethereum wallet just for scan the balances, not for send & receive ethereum.

  • You just want some kind of tool to give you ETH balance across many wallets? How do you want it displayed, in a web page? It is possible to write a simple console script for this. – D3l_Gato Jan 2 at 15:18
  • post a way to get in touch with you and i can write this for you we can discuss a fee if you'd like – D3l_Gato Jan 2 at 15:29
  • Thanks for your comment. yes,I need something like a wallet which can import many eth address and show their balances and total balance, include their exist tokens. my Email is: hamid_e20032003@yahoo.com and my Telegram and WhatsApp number is: +989132225542 – Hre Trader Jan 3 at 8:04
  • as you said I want to display in a web(html) page. – Hre Trader Jan 3 at 9:32

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