I am using extend on web3 to use the evm_unlockUnknownAccount on ganache whit this snippet

const localWeb3 = new Web3(ganache.provider( {fork : web3ws.currentProvider} ));
  methods: [{
      name: 'unlockUnknownAccount',
      call: 'evm_unlockUnknownAccount',
      params: 1

then I console log the localWeb3 and see the new method. When I tried to use the new method it returns a pending promise, so i added await the issue is the evm_unlockUnknownAccount doesn't return a value bool.

const result = await localWeb3.unlockUnknownAccount(address)
console.log('unlock?', result) // stuck waiting long time

How do I do rpc call correctly with web3? or is there other easier way?

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this solution is working for me:

        jsonrpc: '2.0', 
        method: 'evm_unlockUnknownAccount',
        params: [address], 
        id: new Date().getTime() 
      }, console.log);`

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