How many recent ethereum 1 mainet blocks does ethereum 2 staking clients need?

I am syncing eth 1 mainet with OpenEthereum (Parity) and saw that I could change the --warp-barrier to 11500000 which is around 40000 blocks from the most recent block.

Also are the states stored from 'warp-sync' smaller than not using warp? In that case it would be beneficial to every now and then resync with warp set to the recent blocks so you can save space.

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From what I gathered I can say:

  • Warp syncing became to complex so it is no longer made after ~1,000,000 blocks I think
  • Warp syncing takes the same amount of storage as normal syncing, only warp syncing is much faster since you download snapshots then to the executions later.

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