I provided some tokens in a Liquidity Pool for some time, and now Uniswap says I accumulated about 130$ worth of ETH and PRQ on the provider fees.

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How do I claim these 0.113 WETH and 111 PRQ? There don't seem to be any corresponding button in Uniswap webapp and zero info anywhere I look...

Do I miss some fundamental concept here? Are my earnings claimed in some implicit way perhaps, like when I do a swap or something?

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Answered by my boss

The earned fees are added to your liquidity: to withdraw them you just remove some liquidity from the pool.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Note, that the amount of your liquidity tokens stays same, it's their price what changes after each fee deducted from a swap, as the price is proportional to the global reserve where fees are placed.

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