I would like to fetch the list of all ETH wallet addresses by an API(?), given a smart contract address (erc20 token address).

Similar feature that we see on etherscan.io under the erc20 Holder list. Any docs/resource would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Please explain the relation between the input (an erc20 token contract address) and the output (a list of ETH wallet addresses). – goodvibration Dec 23 '20 at 19:38
  • essentially token holder list is the output given a token contract. etherscan.io holder list – dweepks Dec 24 '20 at 20:32

You can try Bloxy's Token API: https://bloxy.info/api_methods

I think the one you are looking for is "Token Holder List".

Some methods require a paid subscription but this one isn't.

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