This question was prompted by the reddit question Why have all 1ST token transactions an error? and Error sending transaction to the First Blood crowd sale contract.

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1ST tokens can be transferred after block 2,870,297, estimated to be Dec 23 2016, just in time for Christmas.


Here are the variables from the First Blood crowd sale contract at 0xaf30d2a7e90d7dc361c8c4585e9bb7d2f6f15bc7: enter image description here

In particular, note the following parameters:

  • Ending block endBlock = 2500012
  • Transfer lockup period transferLockup = 370285

From the First Blood crowd sale contract source code:

 * ERC 20 Standard Token interface transfer function
 * Prevent transfers until freeze period is over.
 * Applicable tests:
 * - Test restricted early transfer
 * - Test transfer after restricted period
function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) returns (bool success) {
    if (block.number <= endBlock + transferLockup && msg.sender!=founder) throw;
    return super.transfer(_to, _value);

Transfers will only be enabled after the block number exceeds endBlock + transferLockup or 2,500,012 + 370,285 = 2,870,297.

The latest block 2,410,803 has a timestamp of Oct-09-2016 09:30:52 PM +UTC.

We will need to wait 2,870,297 - 2,410,803 = 459,494 blocks before the transfer is enabled. This will take 459,494 x 14 / 60 / 60 / 24 = 74.45 days assuming a 14 second average blocktime.

The estimated date when transfer is enabled is Dec 23 2016.

Until then, all transfer transaction will generate a Bad jump destination as encountered in the following transaction: enter image description here

In the meantime, only the contract owner (founder) can transfer the tokens. Trading of 1ST tokens has already been enabled at Yunbi and Gatecoin - see Coin Market Cap - 1ST.

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