I was searching the dApp Decentralized application topic and many resources recommend Ethereum to build a dapp. What I plan to do is to build a decentralized mobile app with a distributed database. I have a Qt/QML code that I like to base my app on it but python/kivy and react native are also options. I have seen Ethereum clients but don't know whether i have to use them to build the network or something else. Please provide some resources (Especially related books) for those who want to build a network on top of Ethereum.

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I recommend you to start playing with javascript clien libraries, with Metamask installed in your browser, like:

Try to develop a javascript application, with no backend, except Ethereum Smart Contracts, that you can easily start developing in Remix online IDE

After that, you can start playing with more complex development environment like Truffle or Oppenzeppelin SDK, and trying mobile integrations of Metamask.

You will find lots of information in Ethereum documentation website and also very useful help for not reinventing the wheel in Openzeppelin website.


A couple of book I'd recommend:

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