Consider this code.

function getDoctorsList(uint[] memory _docIds) public view returns (doctor[] memory) {
    doctor[] memory _doctors;
    for(uint i = 0; i < _docIds.length; i++) {
        _doctors[i] = doctors[_docIds[i]];
    return _doctors;

Here I am using an array of id's of a mapping and store the appropriate struct instance into a dynamic array of struct instances. But I can not execute this function. It is saying that:

call to DogChain.getDoctorsList errored: VM error: invalid opcode. invalid opcode The execution might have thrown. Debug the transaction to get more information.

Previously, I tried pushing each items. But compiler says, it is not possible. can anyone help me with this?

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You need to initialize the dynamic array to the required length:

doctor[] memory _doctors = new doctor[](_docIds.length);

More generally, there are 4 types of arrays:

  1. Inside functions, a static array in memory , e.g., type[3] memory arr;
  2. Inside functions, a dynamic array in memory , e.g., type[] memory arr = new type[](3);
  3. Outside functions, a static array in storage, e.g., type[3] public arr;
  4. Outside functions, a dynamic array in storage, e.g., type[] public arr;

You can push/pop only to/from dynamic arrays in storage.

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