const { ethers } = require('ethers');

Returns true

const { ethers } = require('ethers');

ethers.BigNumber.toNumber is not a function

According to the docs


toNumber() is a function on BigNumber.

Are the docs wrong or is maybe toNumber called wrong?

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The method isBigNumber is a static method of class ethers.BigNumber.

As you can read here:

The static keyword defines a static method or property for a class. Neither static methods nor static properties can be called on instances of the class. Instead, they're called on the class itself.

The method toNumber, on the other hand, is not a static method of class ethers.BigNumber.

Therefore, it should be called on instances of the class rather than on the class itself.

So in short, you need to change this:


To this:


if the totalBalance is the bignumber or the value format seem like this..

BigNumber {_hex: '0x02', _isBigNumber: true}

you just add toNumber after totalBalance

totalBalance.toNumber() // result = 2

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