After I updated my Ganache the account addresses and the Mnemonic change everytime I start Ganache. The option "Autogenerate HD Mnemonic" is disabled.

Do you know a way to keep the same account addresses and the same Mnemonic?

Thank you for your help.

Take care


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Looks like a bug in Ganache UI's Quickstart workspace. It should persist the mnemonic if you enter one and disable the Auto Generate option. You should open a new issue on the Ganache repo!

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You can use -m to set the mnemonic so it is the same every time.

From the docs:

-m or --mnemonic: Use a bip39 mnemonic phrase for generating a PRNG seed, which is in turn used for hierarchical deterministic (HD) account generation.

So ...

ganache-cli -m "the quick brown fox ..."

Hope it helps.


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