I'm trying to use ganache-cli on a fork of the Main Network.

I use the following command to start ganache.

ganache-cli --fork https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/MY_API_KEY -- unlock 0x6EBaF477F83E055589C1188bCC6DDCCD8C9B131a

Ganache will still give me the 10 account and non of them have this address.

This account is not mine but has a lot of ether in it. So how do I work on the fork with this account?

Truffle will also see me as the first ganache account. And contract deployment will be made under this address and not the one I unlocked.

How do I work from this account without the private key?

It' seam like truffle isn't seeing this unlocked account.

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You need to specify the "from" sender account.

If you're trying to make a contract interaction (functional call), then you want something like

MyContract.someFunction(arg1, arg2, { from: "0x6EBaF477F83E055589C1188bCC6DDCCD8C9B131a" })

If you're trying to send ETH from the unlocked account, then you want something like

const someAccount = "0x6635f83421bf059cd8111f180f0727128685bae4"
web3.eth.sendTransaction({from: "0x6EBaF477F83E055589C1188bCC6DDCCD8C9B131a", to: someAccount, value: "1000000000000000000"})
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    How's web3 client going to sign this transaction without the private key? Does Ganache treat unlocked accounts differently and never check for the signature? Commented Aug 30, 2021 at 12:08

You can use the connect option of ethers too. But you'll have to derive the signer of the unlocked account by calling

signer = provider.getSigner(unlockedAccountAddress)

Then to make a transaction from that account, simply


From ganache-cli documentation:

Specify --unlock ... any number of times passing either an address or an account index to unlock specific accounts. When used in conjunction with --secure, --unlock will override the locked state of specified accounts.

So you obviously need to add --secure when you start ganache-cli.

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