Hello i am trying to convert unit256 format depending on the decimal value of each token address.

Decimal 9 and 18 ı did converted. they work fine as seen in the code below

but I don't know what to do for decimal 8 and 4. Can you help me with this?

exports.gweiToEth = (val, dec) => {
if (dec === "9") {
    return converter.convert(val, "gwei", "ether")
else if (dec === "18") {
    return converter.convert(val, "wei", "ether")
return val }

I would appreciate it if you share it by updating my code, thank you very much in advance


Use web3's conversion functions fromWei and toWei.

$ npm install web3

var Web3 = require('web3');
// => 1.0.0-beta.34

const weiValue = Web3.utils.toWei('1', 'ether');
// => 1000000000000000000

const etherValue = Web3.utils.fromWei('1000000000000000000', 'ether');
// => 1

An alternative is to just understand how it works mathematically and make your own function. Refer to the links below.




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