What I want:

  • A user to connect a wallet to my dapp (1 of 4 choices, say: Metamask, WalletConnect, Formatic and Portis).
  • The flexibility to create a custom "wallet connect modal" (I've tried web3modal, which is great, and is ALMOST EXACTLY what I need, but lacks the customisation I need, design wise).

What I'm doing:

  • I'm building a front-end with React.js and TypeScript to interact with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Any tips for libraries to consider or any help about how I should be going about this would be greatly appreciated.


Your best bet may be to use Noah Zinsmeister's web3-react. It is fully customizable and will let you achieve all of your goals.

Another alternative is Blocknative's Onboard achieves what you want. Their interface is relatively customizable.

Integration is very similar to that of the options you have tried so far.

  • This was a massive help. the web3-react library is amazing, thank you! – GMan1989 Feb 3 at 20:42

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