When I run ./parity under /target/release it automatically connects to the public Ethereum blockchain. (It starts syncing with the actual Ethereum blockchain of 900,000 blocks.)

I want to connect into my local Ethereum blockchain that I have created.

[Q] How could I make Parity connect with my local Ethereum blockchain?

I have an ongoing local Ethereum blockchain.

I am running my server as:

geth --rpc --datadir "/Users/avatar/Library/MyEthereumEbloc" --dev --unlock 0  
--minerthreads 1 --targetgaslimit "994712388" 
--ipcpath "/Users/avatar/Library/MyEthereumEbloc/geth.ipc"  --bootnodes 
[email protected]:3000  
--port 3000 --networkid "23444" console

I am running my client as:

geth --datadir "/Users/avatar/Library/MyEthereumEbloc" 
--dev attach ipc:/Users/avatar/Library/MyEthereumEbloc/geth.ipc

Thank you for your valuable help.

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Two methods are possible:

  1. Import/ Export

On 1.2 and above, use Geth's export feature along with Parity's import:

mkfifo /tmp/chain.rlp && geth export /tmp/chain.rlp & sleep 1 && parity import /tmp/chain.rlp

  1. Syncing

Basically you would have to run a geth node with your private chain and fire up a parity node that connects to your network and syncs it.
Since Parity 1.3 there is a feature called SnapSync, but I doubt it can be used with geth.

Further details:| https://github.com/ethcore/parity/wiki/Importing%20a%20chain%20from%20Geth

  • I have done the method 1 as you suggested. Exported blockchain to /tmp/avatar.rlp ||| I got the following error when I run ($ ./parity import /tmp/avatar.rlp) ERROR: Configured for Frontier/Homestead using Ethash engine Cannot import block: Block(UnknownParent(0000000000000000000000000000000000000000‌​00000000000000000000‌​0000))
    – alper
    Commented Oct 11, 2016 at 12:35
  • Looks like the genesis block, maybe you have to config it manually, that is migrate your genesis configuration to parity... Commented Oct 12, 2016 at 2:13

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