I just switched from claymore to phoenix, ETH-only mining without any problems (yay!). My setup is 4x RX 580 8GB cards on Ubuntu 16.04.

However, when I activate dual mining: the reported ETH hashrate goes up and the actual hashrate goes to zero.

Here you can see the reported rate from the local API is solid at 115 (up from 100 ETH-only). However the rate reported on nanopool drops to zero...

Here are the entries in the config.txt

-proto 3
-dcoin blake2s
-dpool blake2s.eu.nicehash.com:3361
-dwal 1234567890123456789012345678901234
-dpsw x

enter image description here

Is anyone making a return on any 2nd coin? Should I be bothered to get this to work?

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