I want to set web3 to Metamask. As mentioned in Metamask document and npmjs, i took a use @metamask/detect-provider. My problem is when i approach window.ethereum. I have a UI, JS file, and some contracts. My app.js code is below. Whenever my http request is /send-to-ipfs i approach this message in console:

@metamask/detect-provider: Unable to detect window.ethereum.
Please install MetaMask!

Please check my app.js code and comment about am i coding correct to set Metamask as web3 provider or not, and in that case guide me to correct code.


const fs = require("fs");
const ipfsClient = require('ipfs-http-client');
const Hash = require('ipfs-only-hash')
const contract=require("truffle-contract");
const Web3 = require("web3");
const Window = require('window');
const window = new Window();
const detectEthereumProvider=require('@metamask/detect-provider');
const solc=require("solc");
const express=require('express');
const app=express();
const bodyParser=require('body-parser');
app.set('view engine',"pug");

app.post('/send-to-ipfs', async function(q,r){
    const node= ipfsClient({ host: 'localhost', port: '5001', protocol: 'http' });
    const data=q.body.KeyPad;
    let result=await Hash.of(data)
    const provider=await detectEthereumProvider();
    if (provider) {
        startApp(provider); // initialize your app
    } else {
          console.log('Please install MetaMask!');
    r.render('IPFSconnection2.jade',{key: data, cid:result});
... here is some code that are not my peoblem ...

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I believe the problem here is that you are trying to retrieve the Metamask provider from the server side, whereas Metamask is a browser extension and therefore, you should do so from the client side.


Update your metamask extension. it resolves my same issue

  • I did but with no results.
    – Alireza
    Dec 9, 2020 at 9:48

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