I wanted to know if a Private Protected Network be cloned/replicated to have a backup of the network, which would be helpful in times of network failure.


I'm not sure whether you really mean network failure or node failure. If you ensure each node is able to recover from data failure, then that should cover all disaster scenarios.

The following document describes how to backup/restore quorum data in case of node failure: https://docs.goquorum.consensys.net/en/latest/HowTo/Use/import-export/

Tessera has the ability to recover data from the other nodes, described under here: https://docs.tessera.consensys.net/en/latest/HowTo/Configure/Transaction-manager/#how-it-works

You can also run quorum using high availability mode, which is described here: https://docs.goquorum.consensys.net/en/latest/HowTo/Configure/HighAvailability/

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