I am using the latest implementation of EIP712 to ask for user to confirm some action:

            method: "eth_signTypedData_v4",
            params: [account, dataToSign],
            from: account


        const metaTransactionType = [
            { name: "permission", type: "string" }
        let message = {
            permission: "Hello world"
        const dataToSign = JSON.stringify({
            types: {
                EIP712Domain: domainType,
                MetaTransaction: metaTransactionType
            domain: domainData,
            primaryType: "MetaTransaction",
            message: message

And everything works fine, but the Metamask pop up shows the word "Message" twice: enter image description here

Metamask version is 8.1.5 (the latest I believe). Is this a bug or am I constructing the data to sign wrong?


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This is the normal behavior. I also had the word "Message" showing up twice when working with EIP-712 a few months ago.

I tried at the time to modify the variable "message" in the js code but it was useless. I believe there is currently no way to change this.

It would indeed be an interesting feature to customize this Metamask window.

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