I am attempting to verify BLS signatures using the Chainsafe BLS library. I am attempting to independently verify signatures associated with deposits to the ETH Deposit Contract. In order to test that I am using the library correctly, I used the verify function on the following deposit.

When I attempted to verify the deposit, the function returned false.

I made a couple of assumptions which may have led to this error.

  1. I inputed all arguments as strings.
  2. For the message parameter, I inserted the users withdrawal credentials

This is what my function looked like:


How did I do?


You can find the canonical definition of the deposit signature in ethereum/eth2.0-specs: process_deposit. Specifically, it is this code:

# Verify the deposit signature (proof of possession) which is not checked by the deposit contract
deposit_message = DepositMessage(
domain = compute_domain(DOMAIN_DEPOSIT)  # Fork-agnostic domain since deposits are valid across forks
signing_root = compute_signing_root(deposit_message, domain)
if not bls.Verify(pubkey, signing_root, deposit.data.signature):

The message isn't just the withdrawal_credentials, it's the signing_root (a.k.a. merkle root) of a DepositMessage obect. Due to the complexity involved I won't go into detail to describe the entire process but the specs (linked above) should be comprehensive enough to describe the process exactly.

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