The OpenZeppelin ERC-721 library has a function called balanceOf(address owner), which enables one to know how many tokens an address owns. Furthermore, one can also use a mapping in order to keep track of how many tokens an address owns, such as mapping(address => uint) ownerCount.

What are the advantages of using one over the other (in terms of gas cost and performance for instance), and when should one be used instead of the other?

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There is no advantage in terms of gas, let alone the fact that you don't even need gas in order to call a read-only function, since no mining is required (but for the sake of this question, let's assume that you call it from an actual state-changing function, which does consume gas).

The additional cost of calling a function instead of reading the variable directly is negligible.

But you could still claim that in terms of gas, using a function is actually a disadvantage.

However, there is a notable advantage in the aspect of coding-maintenance:

Instead of declaring the mapping as public and allowing you to call it as a function, they declare it as private and implement a function which returns the same, thus preventing anyone who inherits their contract from making the mistake of modifying that mapping themselves.

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