I am using this code for implementing Forwarder in my Contract.

contract Forward {

  address public destinationAddress;
  event LogForwarded(address indexed sender, uint amount);
  event LogFlushed(address indexed sender, uint amount);

  constructor() public {
    destinationAddress = msg.sender;

  function() payable public {
    emit LogForwarded(msg.sender, msg.value);

  function flush() public {
    emit LogFlushed(msg.sender, address(this).balance);


But it's showing me some errors as I am using Compiler 0.6.0 and this code is of 0.4.23 and I am not able to convert it to latest version. Can someone help me with it?

Here is a preview of the error:

enter image description here


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Changing address public destinationAddress; to address payable public destinationAddress; worked for me.

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