I'm a beginner with blockchain and only starting to read programming textbooks. So a newbie to computer science as well. Right now I'm playing around with my Windows desktop though will be switching to linux soon.

I downloaded geth and started running it. Started reading up on the eth2 node setup.

For eth2 node setup, per Eth2 Launchpad website: "The JSON RPC endpoint for the eth2 node to connect to must be enabled with --http. This will enable the JSON RPC service on the default port of 8545."

Could you tell me please how the code to enable that would look like?

Also: I already ran geth just with a simple cmd >geth
Turned it off for now because my computer got very slow.

That said, given that I ran it already for the day, did I mess up that initial setup already or does it not matter when you enable the rpc endpoint?

Thank you so much and I'm very sorry for how basic this question is.

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