The amount of ETH to be put at stake in phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 is at least 32ETH but, is it also a maximum? I know that the possibilities of being chosen to propose blocks depends in the amount of ETH at stake but I don't know if at phase 0 only fixed stake validators are allowed.

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    If I remember correctly it should be a multiply of 32. So 40 would give you the same rewards as 32. But don't remember for sure so won't leave a real answer. Oct 29, 2020 at 6:38
  • Some more context might be useful here. For example, a link to the document which lists this specification. Oct 29, 2020 at 6:38

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From the Validator Submit deposit specs:

A validator can only be activated when total deposits for the validator pubkey meet or exceed MAX_EFFECTIVE_BALANCE.

You can find this variable in the Beacon Chain phase0 specs document:

| `MAX_EFFECTIVE_BALANCE` | `Gwei(2**5 * 10**9)` (= 32,000,000,000) |

From the The beacon chain post on Ethereum.org, about Validation:

The bigger your stake, the more often you'll be chosen to propose shard blocks. However 32ETH is effectively the max, so having more than 32ETH staked does not change the amount you are selected, but having less than 32 does.


Good question. In fact it can even be less than 32 eth; in the Eth2 Deposit Contract the conditions to enable a deposit are the following :

// Check deposit amount
require(msg.value >= 1 ether, "DepositContract: deposit value too low");
require(msg.value % 1 gwei == 0, "DepositContract: deposit value not multiple of gwei");
uint deposit_amount = msg.value / 1 gwei;
require(deposit_amount <= type(uint64).max, "DepositContract: deposit value too high");

So the minimum amount seems to be 1 ether. However, by looking at the spec you can see that the condition to be eligible as a validator is to meet the condition validator.effective_balance == MAX_EFFECTIVE_BALANCE where MAX_EFFECTIVE_BALANCE is equal to 32 eth.

For a better understanding of the life cycle of a validator I recommend reading this website.


When you look at current validators, all of them have either exactly 32 ETH or little more than that - https://ethscan.org/validators

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