Is there a way on Nethereum to get the string messages returned from arevert or require are executed on solidity contract?

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        var args = new ExecuteFunction { Revert = true, RevertMessage = "Fake Exception" };
        string actualRevertMessage = null;
            // pretend we don't know this will fail, send the transaction
            Console.WriteLine("* Execute - with args that will trigger a revert");
            var executeFunctionHandler = web3.Eth.GetContractTransactionHandler<ExecuteFunction>();
            // await executeFunctionHandler.SendRequestAndWaitForReceiptAsync(contractAddress, args);
            await executeFunctionHandler.EstimateGasAsync(contractAddress, args);
        // conditional catch
        catch (Exception ex)
            // a tx hash not been created because the error happened during estimation
            Console.WriteLine($" [RpcResponseException]. Message: {ex.Message}");

            // let's attempt to get the revert reason by querying with the same args
            var revertException = await TryGetRevertMessage(web3, contractAddress, args);
            if (revertException != null)
                actualRevertMessage = revertException.Message;

        Console.WriteLine($" [Expected Revert Reason]: {args.RevertMessage}");
        Console.WriteLine($" [Actual Revert Reason]: {actualRevertMessage}");

source: http://playground.nethereum.com/csharp/id/1050


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