I need to know storage address of solidity smart contract variables before its deployment. how can I get this?

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Which storage slots are allocated for which contract variable depends on the language and/or compiler. The Solidity compiler has an option to output the storage layout as a JSON structure:


In the Solidity language you can use .slot in assembly to get the storage slot of a variable:

pragma solidity 0.7.4;

contract StorageSlotFetch
    struct ThreeSlots
        uint256 a;
        uint256 b;
        uint256 c;
    address var0;
    uint256 var1;
    bytes32 var2;
    ThreeSlots var3;
    uint256 var4;
    function getStorageSlots() external pure returns (uint256[5] memory ret)
        assembly {
            mstore(add(ret,   0), var0.slot)
            mstore(add(ret,  32), var1.slot)
            mstore(add(ret,  64), var2.slot)
            mstore(add(ret,  96), var3.slot)
            mstore(add(ret, 128), var4.slot)

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