I am following the instructions from (https://medium.com/@ConsenSys/solidity-integration-with-visual-studio-8bdab2ff8a74#.k2y18h96h) to use the solidity extension (version through Visual Studio.

I am not able to deploy the sample contract and I get the following error:

key server not available

Error Text Below
Deployment to http://localhost:8000/ started!
User used for deployment: testuser
User found: []
Please check if keyserver is running. If keyserver is running and deploy is failing due to insufficient gas, delete the user folder on key server and a new user will automatically be created

Also, while I was starting the initializing the bloc application using the command bloc init, I did not get the confirmation that the keyserver is listen. After running the block init the command simply moves to the next line without any error or confirmation.

Both the things could be related, but not sure. Help please.

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Thanks. I am good for now. :) I did some digging and found that the issue was not related to some missing steps. Port 8000 was already being used by the operating system PID4, so i moved to Port 8001 which resolved the issue.

If time permits, you can add a step a new interim step to check if port 8000 is already being used. Let me know and i can put something around that with screen prints.

Thanks for the prompt response

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