var contract = await tronWeb.contract().at(contractAddress);
var result = await contract.getPlayerDeposit("").call();

Output: I got in array: (4) [Array(1), Array(1), Array(1), Array(1)] 0: Array(1) 0: v {_hex: "0x00", _ethersType: "BigNumber"} length: 1 proto: Array(0) 1: Array(1) 0: v _hex: "0x5f887761" _ethersType: "BigNumber" proto: Object length: 1 proto: Array(0) 2: [v] 3: [v] length: 4 proto: Array(0)

How to convert hex number? I'm using javascript to retrieve data from contract?

Best Chris

  • What is getPlayerDeposit return type? Javascript doesn't natively support numbers required by ethereum so it will use a wrapper like BN.js or Bignumber.js. You can convert them to decimal string representation with toString() or to an hexadecimal string with toString(16).
    – Ismael
    Commented Oct 17, 2020 at 22:10

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I assume you want to convert the BigNumber into a normal number, you can do that by:


But keep in mind that JavaScript's Number is a 64 bit number, so the uint256 in your solidity contract might not always be shrinked down to 64 bits.

A safer way to to that is to keep the number in String, if you don't want to do any additions or substractions on it.


If the number is not going to be very big, you can keep it uint32 in your contract, that automatically makes the ethers.js to convert it into a JavsScript Number by default.

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