If I set up a development testnet on geth and start mining, what account number gets the rewards?

What command can I use to define the mining account?


geth --dev


geth --dev attach
> miner.start()

In console 1 I get messages like:

I0930 11:14:56.732449 miner/worker.go:339] ??  Mined block (#10 / 4486bfb7). Wait 5 blocks for confirmation 

Should the ?? be an address? What command can I use to define the mining account?


Shut down geth using Control-C for instance #1 and Control-D for instance #2.

Then type geth account new to create a new account. Enter in a passphrase that you will need to remember if you want to unlock the account.

Then restart geth and you should see your first account (or coinbase) listed.

  • For future readers; I also ran miner.setEtherbase("myaccount") - unsure if I needed to and can't tell now...
    – atomh33ls
    Sep 30 '16 at 12:01
  • Should not need to. Your etherbase is the first account listed in eth.accounts, i.e. eth.accounts[0]. If you want to set another account, you can use the miner.setEtherbase(...) command. You can also use the command line parameter --etherbase {account}. Sep 30 '16 at 12:06

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